Chinese New Year at Eden Cottage

Amongst the children currently attending Eden Cottage, we have 18 different nationalities. We like to acknowledge as many of these as possible and take time to learn a little about each other.

On Friday February 12th, just before Auckland moved to COVID Alert Level 3, we managed to sneak in a Chinese New Year celebration day.

The children were encouraged to come dressed in red and, with the guidance of Wendy, one of our parents, they made traditional Chinese dumplings. They were delicious although some of the children were a bit nervous at first about trying something new.

During mat-time the children learned a little about Chinese culture and the girls were able to try on dresses traditionally worn on Chinese New Year. The children were also each presented with a red envelope. This is a tradition where older family members, usually parents and grandparents, gift money to the children in the family. The Eden Cottage children were given play money, but it was a great insight into another culture.

Cultural days like these are always very popular and it’s valuable for the children to learn about the cultural traditions of others.

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