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Encouraging whānau/family involvement within the centre.

At Eden Cottage we offer a range of cultural significant events throughout the year that encourages whānau/family to participate in and come together. We share stories, songs, activities, food and build upon the relationship with each other.

We Welcome Whānau family Involvement In Our Early Learning And Carei

Explore with adventures on excursions and trips outside of the centre.

excursions and trips outside of the centre
Our excursions and trips offer learning in a different environment and is a way whānau/family can have fun with their child and teachers. Excursions offered are community based and trips are further afar.

Participate through the sharing of parents/caregivers ideas.

Eden Cottage has a parent forum whereby parents or caregivers can be involved in the direct decision making of specific events and daily routines of the centre. This involves a once a month meeting with management, where ideas and open discussions take place over a cup of tea or coffee. This is a great platform for parents to bring up ideas and be decision makers in their child’s learning and development.

Example of whanau involvement:

At our Easter celebrations we had all our families come and join us for fun Easter crafts, making bunny masks and puppets, decorating cupcakes and having an Easter egg hunt. The children enjoyed performing their chosen songs to their friends and families. We ended the evening with a shared dinner, chats and a play.

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