Transition to School Group Excursion

On July 7, a group of ten tamariki, two teachers and three parents went on an adventure—an excursion to Butterfly Creek. The group was made up of tamariki who are preparing to transition to primary school.

Leading up to the trip, tamariki spent a term learning about dinosaurs and were wanting to see dinosaurs with their own eyes! So, they organised the trip themselves, planning who would come, how they would get there and what they wanted to see.

At Butterfly Creek, we explored the butterfly nest and saw lizards, otters, weta, tortoises, and water dragons. We also witnessed the crocodile being fed and watched as it stretched out of the water for its food before snapping its big jaw shut!

Then we spent time investigating the dinosaurs. It was awesome to see how tall they were and the sharp teeth some of them had. We also learned about which ones were carnivores and which ones were herbivores – the tamariki were most interested in, “Would this one eat me or not!?”

To complete the trip, tamariki went on the train and rode it around the park spotting dinosaurs in the bushes.

It was cool to have such a fun day out AND learn so much about our world.

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